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Sorry for my tardiness…

Hello world,

I am sure it is easy to tell that I have not added any new material on this site for a while. Well following my wonderful trip to Jamaica I had plenty of time to write and I took full advantage of this. However the wordpress for blackberry app on my phone has frozen. I noticed before the freeze that I could not even send the completed ones to the site as I have done on so many of my articles so my intention was to copy them manually but alas, now that I cannot even get into my wordpress I will have to re-write the articles again and hopefully I will not miss anything out, that would really get my goat! so bare with me I’m playing catch up now, boo!


Sorry for my tardiness…

Hello world,

I am sure it is easy to tell that I have not added any new material on this site for a while. Well following my wonderful trip to Jamaica I had plenty of time to write and I took full advantage of this. However the wordpress for blackberry app on my phone has frozen. I noticed before the freeze that I could not even send the completed ones to the site as I have done on so many of my articles so my intention was to copy them manually but alas, now that I cannot even get into my wordpress I will have to re-write the articles again and hopefully I will not miss anything out, that would really get my goat! so bare with me I’m playing catch up now, boo!

Something new indeed!

So this week I have been delighted to get a call from my ArtsFestFirst friend and have the first meeting for her show. I shan’t say much more concerning the project itself however because we have only just begun and confidentiality issues etc.

I’m excited! I’m really excited. Since leaving uni and getting so many knock backs in the beginning and loosing my confidence, I feel alive again. It sounds soooo cliche doesn’t it? But its true. I was never cut out for a normal job. When I say normal, I mean the 9-5 and rota-based, and I don’t use the term to diminish these roles. They are neccessary and integral to our society. But, they take a certain kind of stomache to be able to injest the package.

I am a creative soul. Always have been. I’m the type that is awake at night time because my mind won’t let me sleep with ideas and fantasicalities. I’m the type that comes in early and leaves last for any project/cause I believe in. I do research, I get excited about the poitential. I work in any weather (and living in the UK be assured, I have!) And I travel to the strangest corners if my heart is in it. I am sure most people would say that they are the same and perhaps they are, but this part if my essence means I am effected emotionally if I am not able to fulfill the things that I love. I am not happy in my day job and my creative senses are tingling something rotten for my return to theatre. I am emotionally attached to the work that I do and it effects my actions too. This may be my biggest weakness but it is also my strength. So if I am to take advantage of that strength, I want to work where I can allow my fire to burn and indeed, add more fuel.

When I did work experience at school for two weeks at the Brasshouse Language Centre in Birmingham, I had my first taste of a normal job and by gum I knew then I was moulded differently. I have never lost my voice in my life. Even when I get a cold my throat is hoarse and the only result is my already deep voice gets deeper. Everyday from 9am to 4pm I lost my voice. Maybe it was earlier, maybe a bit later pending on my punctuality or the exact second when I would leave the building to go home. Monday to Friday on both weeks I lost my voice. It came out as hoarse whisper and even when I pushed to get some sound out it was barely audible. I wasn’t ill, infact on the odd lunchtime when I met my best mate my voice was fine! Even she gave me the I-believe-you-kinda-but-I-don’t-really-believe-you look when I explained my plight to her. But everyday my mentor, Anke, a German teacher there, baffled with other teachers over my mysterious voice loss. In fact, now I think on it, she hesitantly suggested perhaps I was not suited for a normal job in the first place. And you know, it wasn’t till I told this story to my new colleague that I myself realised that it wasn’t confined to the Brasshouse but all jobs that have a fixed (and rather reptitive, I find) schedule. I know this now.

So now the meager embers have been blessed with more fuel and I am more than ready to make this fire roar.

So I’m going to Jamaica next week and even though I was beginning to think it was coming at the wrong time due to the job offers for stage I have been getting via stage jobs pro recently. But the beauty of this new opportunity is that I can get some vital research done over there so instantly I am useful on this project.

I’m very much connected to the themes of this project also. I can relate to it personally and understand what the thought tank that is my Directorm I won’t keep on about the project as the information I can give is limited and I know the frustration in having things dangled in the forefront of your attention. I just want you to feel my joy, even if I can only give a portion. The long and short is, I’m on fire!

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Everything Jamaica it is!!!

Ok, so I’m going to Jamaica in like, a week! Due to other life events I haven’t been able to make much time in my mind for it. The upside is that I paid for my ticket a couple months ago and last month I finally got my faculties together to sort out my expired (and lost) passport! That’s two thumbs up for me as I like to ponder on any decision I make (sometimes for way too long!), which kinda makes me a lastminute.com kinda gal. Anywho, a sturdy heads up from my travel-family meant I got a good price.

In coming to my senses last weekend (meaning I actually consulted my diary on how long I had left!) I realised I haven’t done ANY shopping for this trip, I haven’t even made any lists for the kinda shopping I need to do! I think this is the point where ones pondering becomes straight procrastination. So I’ve got to get my derriere into gear!!!

I guess I’ve kinda been avoiding the whole saga. The truth is, I’m a lil wary about going. Why? Because EVERYBODY has an opinion about Jamaica and what I should expect when I go. Not to mention all the negative press from those who have been before me. Don’t get me wrong, there’s more good than bad – but there’s still alot of bad. The thing is, I know what hype does to a places reputation. Mine, for instance, has had alot of bad media attention. The latest big thing being the riots that happened a couple years back and all the other little side-stories involving violent murderation were scattered throughout the media to seal the badass deal. So I am always wary on what I am told also..

That is why I am accompanying my friend and her family I guess. They have been a few times and we will be staying with their family over there so alot of my fears are gone because of this. You know what though, why am I even scared. I am really just being silly. Everyone loves going to Jamaica and its not all guns, drugs and illigitimate children. I’m going to understand the culture more, to taste the food that every Jamai-quaintance boasts about ever so loudly upon their return to the UK. I’m going because that it where both my parents started their lives and I want to see ¬†where they were. I’m going for the beautiful views because i know for a fact that TV does them no justice. I’m going because it is a part of the world and I am determined to see as much of it as possible. It’s about time I got my courage on!

Anywho, the long and short point I am trying to make is that I need to pay attention to the details that are important to my survival on this trip from now on. I have to get a new set of funky eyebrows [my new favourite accessory!]. I need to get some sort of sunblock supply. I need a pedicure , ones feet are dreadfully negelcted in this country if you’re not careful. I need an adaptor because I don’t know what I’ll do if I have no means of charging my phone and camera! And most importantly I need clothes! A steady wardrobe of unpredictable-weather clothing is now the bulk of my day to day attire so this is perhaps the most important. I also want an amazon kindle, I figure I havent read a good book [rather, I haven’t really had the time to] in such a long time and three weeks is plenty to re-establish my love for reading.

Oooooooo, most excitingly I am getting my hair dyed blonde!!! This may seem like a silly thing to say but consider this, I am black firstly so it’s a very big thing. And secondly I have only died my hair once before, ever, so equally a big deal. but I am also getting blonde extensions so I don’t really have to do much with my hair whilst I am out there.

I am actually quite excited now, but it hasn’t hit me yet. Once I can start ticking some things off my lastminute list I’ll feel like it more real. In the meantime, if anybody has any words of encouragement I would be most greatful. OOO and if anybody knows about any gyms I can attend anywhere in Jamaicas [as I have alot of travelling planned] I would be much obliged. I’m trying not to kill my gym-appetite while I am out there.

Ok, over and out for now then!


Something old, Something new

Ok, so the weekend is over and I am back to work…

O yeh, my current day job. I am a Nursing Auxilliary for the NHS in the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.

I would like to take this opportunity to explain my role, for those whoe do not know. It is not easily defined or categorised and is ever changing according to the trust…who am I kidding? It changes as the money changes.

In a normal shift I make hot drinks, serve meals, assist with patient personal care, take down dressings, re-do dressings, top up facilities like gloves and aprons, take blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate, temperature, stool/urine samples, mrsa swabs for screening, escort patients to theatre, change bed linen, escort patients to various scans/imaging procedures, carry out last offices… The list really does go on. Then, according to how we wish to further develop we can attain skills.
I personally can now, take blood (phlebotomy), take blood sugars (BMs) and will soon be able to cannulate (insert an iv) and understand tracheostomy care.

By the 16th of sept I will have finished my course for Band 3 which will upgrade my ranks, not to mention my pay packet.

Honestly I have always been intrigued by this job since I started on August 10th last year. Everything was new to me as I’d had no prior training, nor any knowledge of the other roles in a hospital, other than the nurses, doctors and specialists.

Of late, however, the theatre has been calling me. To the point of almost not caring about my job in care! We used to be at Selly Oak Hospital, which is where my initial intrigue was rooted. But it seems that when we left, a lot of the most important factors in care got left behind too – ready for demolition.

Its events of late that have really helped me to understand why people don’t want to work, especially if it is only a means of financial gain. I am not saying I would rather be on benefits, I am just rationalising as much as I can in a situation where I feel irrational.

Long story short, I am itching to get back to theatre and writing is going to start me off. I am still going to finish all of my study commitments and have something else lined up before I leave but by gum I’m leaving! So watch out world here I come!!!

My ArtsFestFirst: And Finally

I should be giving you a rundown of my Sunday escapades for the Fest but honestly, I was knackered. By the time I woke up I was already on the verge of being late for the belly dance workshop I wanted to attend and when I went to consult my trusty FestGuide I could not find anything for the venue inside which made me question its real existance.

Upon my disappointment I remembered I should eat something before I go which lead me to having an extensive conversation with my grandma – who is presently staying with us (whom I’ve never really known, but getting to know now!) – which pushed my eta back further.

Anywho, I shan’t give the rundown of events for the day because the long and short of it is, I’m knackered. Its Sunday as well.

I am disappointed in myself tho because the Sunday was pretty much going to be a day of theatre for me and I could really get my teeth around. But I have decided I would instead throw myself back into the scene, attend way more theatre, and send my reviews to papers to get my real name ‘out there’. Naturally the full versions will always be on this blog but I want to write for a living now, so please hold while I get my foot in the door!

My ArtsFestFirst: Aston Performing Arts Academy aka APAA

I bustled into the Town Hall for a medley of songs from the APAA. We have history. For I am one of the original members of this Academy when it started some years back.

I attended weekly to study my saxophone. That beautiful academy was a haven for me and I loved having an outlet for my sax. I also got to learn the steel pans in soprano and alto, as well as the bass steel drums. The choir was also another class of mine and we harmonised wonderfully in that group. So when I spotted one of the founders on my mosey through the stalls, Angela, it was like another push to get back to my musical roots and I was glad when she urged me to come and see what they were about now! I could not reject her.

Arriving minutes before the due time to start, I stumbled upon the end of their soundcheck. Time keeping was never that tight for performances from what I remember – but that was due to the fact the academy was just finding its feet. But things always go wrong with live technical performances so I cannot judge on this.

Twenty minutes later and the introduction began. The musicians were already on stage – a piano, two guitars (bass and melody), and drummer and two saxophonists. I was disappointed as we had played with a large orchestra back in the day, but glad that the saxophones still remained nonetheless.
Enter the choir dressed in red and black, looking good people!

The choir presented an array of feel good tunes. A portion of old-school renditions, seasoned with gospel and salted with r’n’b. There were minimal breaks between the songs, I expect, to soak up as much performance time as possible in their limited fourty-five-minute slot. But the great thing about that is keeping the energy going., and we loved it!

I was baffled by the two members set apart from the main choir. Clearly the more powerful voices in the arrangement, but why set them at the back? I think unity is tres important in a choir and that was for a reason carnsarit!!! Anywho, I’m still impressed by the standard of the performance, you go APAA!

In conclusion, I could pick at everything that, technically, could improve the performance but it would be pointless. The song list was excellent, the delivery was refreshing, everybody looked like they were really enjoying the performance they were giving and the energy was immense, it flooded the audience. Plus, these are young people, mostly – although the official age range was 12 – 30something! Haha.
The closing tribute to Micheal Jackson, Thriller was spiffing! With a musical interlude accompanied by the backing duo the main choir leaves the stage and returns in costume to do the breakdown, Thriller dance! I was actually quite jealous that they knew the moves, only because I haven’t learned them yet, but now I have them on camera, I’ll be a pro soon! Bwahahahaha

For your energy, enjoyment and entertainment, APAA, three and a half thumbs up!