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Howdy I am Classique

I am a young, free and single female learning to love the life i live until i live the life i love! I am very passionate about things that make me passionate, lol – yes I meant it like thatwould be outspoken if I were surrounded by more people like me [im talking good thinkers] to converse with.

I graduated in 2008 with a joint honours in Drama and Physical theatre degree and am currently working as a Nursing Auxilliary for the NHS [basically I can do everything a registered nurse can do, except give drugs or perform neurological observations]. Quite dissimilar career paths I know…

Theatre is my life, the most constant love of my life… There is nothing like going to see a show, taking in the themes, genres, presentation and action right before you’re eyes. The raw emotion from the players on stage and how it spills over flooding throughout an auditorium…or any space where the stage is set…. I could go on but thats another blog!!!

Anyways, the plan is, if I am going to make a good go of the theatre milarky, I must first gain some people-experience. Perfect in the hospital environment where poeple are at there most vulnerable, so I have more raw [more importantly, honest] human emotion to deal with. I love the juxtaposition ofthe patients to the staff, whom opposingly have to completely shield their real selves for the sake of the work and getting the job done, and newly, this idea has really encaptured my imagination…

Then I shall return to do my masters in Directing and in between, continue to write short plays. If I cannot make a good go of freelance stage management before the masters then I do intend to return to uni to do an advanced stage management course and re-launch myself into the theatre-sphere. But until then, continue at the hospital for a maximum of another year [as it has only been one so far] and continue to grow my wealth of poeple-knowledge.

A few people have asked me why I call myself Classique; my real name is also pretty, I am not French nor do I have any particular ties with France, and perhaps it is “extra”. Follow me…


An attribute I endeavour to live by and up to throughout my life but most importantly now, in my present tense, and embed this characteristic within me. Some will know a different me, others will completely agree, but my emphasis is never who i was yesterday, but who I show today and who I intend to be tomorrow.


I’m going to be totally cliche and say that I am an individual, lol. When I was a child they called it weird. When I was a teen they called it snobby. Now I’m a lady they say posh but throughout I’ve been eccentric, standalone and… me. Just me. But I don’t mind the labels because I’ve never fit in so if that’s the only wayt for most to feel comfortable about my existance then so be it.

And hence, Classique. Since using it I discovered quite a few poeple using this handle [so even though I did make it up, turns out some other great mind was thinking along the same lines – or they just like the sound of it] either way, by my meaning and as far as I am concerned I made it up.

I’ve never really been into the blog-sphere since I have never really understood it but now that I have started I will endeavour not to stop – mostly by using you all for assistance! Its great is blogging tho, you can write pretty much anything, its like a diary… But the best thing is you can get responses, a flaw my diay always had, hence its neglect, lol.



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