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Everything Jamaica it is!!!

Ok, so I’m going to Jamaica in like, a week! Due to other life events I haven’t been able to make much time in my mind for it. The upside is that I paid for my ticket a couple months ago and last month I finally got my faculties together to sort out my expired (and lost) passport! That’s two thumbs up for me as I like to ponder on any decision I make (sometimes for way too long!), which kinda makes me a lastminute.com kinda gal. Anywho, a sturdy heads up from my travel-family meant I got a good price.

In coming to my senses last weekend (meaning I actually consulted my diary on how long I had left!) I realised I haven’t done ANY shopping for this trip, I haven’t even made any lists for the kinda shopping I need to do! I think this is the point where ones pondering becomes straight procrastination. So I’ve got to get my derriere into gear!!!

I guess I’ve kinda been avoiding the whole saga. The truth is, I’m a lil wary about going. Why? Because EVERYBODY has an opinion about Jamaica and what I should expect when I go. Not to mention all the negative press from those who have been before me. Don’t get me wrong, there’s more good than bad – but there’s still alot of bad. The thing is, I know what hype does to a places reputation. Mine, for instance, has had alot of bad media attention. The latest big thing being the riots that happened a couple years back and all the other little side-stories involving violent murderation were scattered throughout the media to seal the badass deal. So I am always wary on what I am told also..

That is why I am accompanying my friend and her family I guess. They have been a few times and we will be staying with their family over there so alot of my fears are gone because of this. You know what though, why am I even scared. I am really just being silly. Everyone loves going to Jamaica and its not all guns, drugs and illigitimate children. I’m going to understand the culture more, to taste the food that every Jamai-quaintance boasts about ever so loudly upon their return to the UK. I’m going because that it where both my parents started their lives and I want to see  where they were. I’m going for the beautiful views because i know for a fact that TV does them no justice. I’m going because it is a part of the world and I am determined to see as much of it as possible. It’s about time I got my courage on!

Anywho, the long and short point I am trying to make is that I need to pay attention to the details that are important to my survival on this trip from now on. I have to get a new set of funky eyebrows [my new favourite accessory!]. I need to get some sort of sunblock supply. I need a pedicure , ones feet are dreadfully negelcted in this country if you’re not careful. I need an adaptor because I don’t know what I’ll do if I have no means of charging my phone and camera! And most importantly I need clothes! A steady wardrobe of unpredictable-weather clothing is now the bulk of my day to day attire so this is perhaps the most important. I also want an amazon kindle, I figure I havent read a good book [rather, I haven’t really had the time to] in such a long time and three weeks is plenty to re-establish my love for reading.

Oooooooo, most excitingly I am getting my hair dyed blonde!!! This may seem like a silly thing to say but consider this, I am black firstly so it’s a very big thing. And secondly I have only died my hair once before, ever, so equally a big deal. but I am also getting blonde extensions so I don’t really have to do much with my hair whilst I am out there.

I am actually quite excited now, but it hasn’t hit me yet. Once I can start ticking some things off my lastminute list I’ll feel like it more real. In the meantime, if anybody has any words of encouragement I would be most greatful. OOO and if anybody knows about any gyms I can attend anywhere in Jamaicas [as I have alot of travelling planned] I would be much obliged. I’m trying not to kill my gym-appetite while I am out there.

Ok, over and out for now then!



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