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Something old, Something new

Ok, so the weekend is over and I am back to work…

O yeh, my current day job. I am a Nursing Auxilliary for the NHS in the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.

I would like to take this opportunity to explain my role, for those whoe do not know. It is not easily defined or categorised and is ever changing according to the trust…who am I kidding? It changes as the money changes.

In a normal shift I make hot drinks, serve meals, assist with patient personal care, take down dressings, re-do dressings, top up facilities like gloves and aprons, take blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate, temperature, stool/urine samples, mrsa swabs for screening, escort patients to theatre, change bed linen, escort patients to various scans/imaging procedures, carry out last offices… The list really does go on. Then, according to how we wish to further develop we can attain skills.
I personally can now, take blood (phlebotomy), take blood sugars (BMs) and will soon be able to cannulate (insert an iv) and understand tracheostomy care.

By the 16th of sept I will have finished my course for Band 3 which will upgrade my ranks, not to mention my pay packet.

Honestly I have always been intrigued by this job since I started on August 10th last year. Everything was new to me as I’d had no prior training, nor any knowledge of the other roles in a hospital, other than the nurses, doctors and specialists.

Of late, however, the theatre has been calling me. To the point of almost not caring about my job in care! We used to be at Selly Oak Hospital, which is where my initial intrigue was rooted. But it seems that when we left, a lot of the most important factors in care got left behind too – ready for demolition.

Its events of late that have really helped me to understand why people don’t want to work, especially if it is only a means of financial gain. I am not saying I would rather be on benefits, I am just rationalising as much as I can in a situation where I feel irrational.

Long story short, I am itching to get back to theatre and writing is going to start me off. I am still going to finish all of my study commitments and have something else lined up before I leave but by gum I’m leaving! So watch out world here I come!!!


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