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My ArtsFestFirst: The Breakaway!

Ok so I know I’ve had a schedule, and have even changed it a couple of times but honestly, I just want to go where takes my fancy. I’m the creative type after all! And by gum if I cannot be in my element and run off on a flimsical whim whenever I feel to, we’ll..that’s just proposterous!

So, in light of my new found rebellion I walked. I collected leaflets, I spoke to people, I filled in forms and received a pedometer, various info packs, a trendy-looking magazine and various freebee trinkets.

Then there was the crafts section. Yesssss!!!! I saw many children and parents occupying the table spaces so I kept my distance at first. I wanted to do something but would I be in the way, not having any children on my own, nor an excuse…? I decided I would commence the hover manoeuvre so I began to look at their literature and display on the make shift wall space. I picked up the leaflets and finally stood over the table by the facilitators looking intrigued until somebody addressed me.

When offered after a short while I did the classic ‘Am I allowed? and added, I don’t have any children with me!’ luckily she chuckled and invited me to sit down. It was a badge making craft by the people at craftspace.com (bare with me if this is incorrect). I proceeded to take instruction and draw my lil design onto the thick sheet foil square. I handed it back for the finishing touches and my trendy new badge was born!

I promptly attached it to my coat and moved on to the next table, deploying operation hover once more. I am summoned to an empty seat a ‘Hello, have a seat’ and a ball of moulding clay. I immediately proceed to roll, flatten, smoothe and carve a tiny collection of items. I spend a good while here, I feel like a child again. At school in my own corner making various ornaments – yes I am introverted mostly, but I have learned ways to interact with the outside world! Garsh I love clay. I finish and arrange my pieces on a box corner, take my ticket and leave it in the care of the representatives so I can catch a must see. The best thing was, they had hand wupes provided to clean your hands, good form!


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