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My ArtsFestFirst: Belly Dance Fusion

Well, I once again entered the M&A and made my way with my friend to the round room.

Two foldy seats were conveniently empty close to the entrance 😉 and although the place was buzzing and all the other seats were full, nobody had occupied these yet. As if they were waiting.. So I humbly accepted and began to dig in my boombag for my trusty camera.

I’d been rather excited about getting some belly dancing love as lately I haven’t been able to part-take as much as I’d like in a regular belly dance fixture in my schedule. Anyways, the blurb on this was enough to catch my further attention, et voila! My camera battery was fully charged and the memory was clear, ACTION!

Promptly, the introduction began, the music started and she was ready. Alexis Southgate began her belly dance fusion, which was basically belly dancing done to a non-belly dancing-esque type of music. The music itself was more of a fusion though – was a lil bit drum and bass, a lil bit dubstep, a lil bit metallic and a lil bit retro. I must say, I subconsciously began bobbing around when some of those beats kicked in, I do listen to this kinda music anyways so I had no particular objections.

There were little magical moments in her poignant connecting pops and shimmied with the various buzzing and riffing climaxes the music style had to offer. And she did a mean hip drop where the bass boomed, its always good to have your basics on point, you go girl!

Her outfit was also a quirky refresher on the traditional belly dance attire. In keeping with the relevant crop-top and long flowy skirt – stomache exposed, naturally – Southgate wore a gothic alternative. Dark burgundy draped with black lace. And a mis-representative black bindi at her third eye-thats her forehead, betweem the eyes, fyi. I had to discuss my distaste with my friend who agreeingly disapproved also. However, it was a nice touch and I can understand its necessity. Southgate also donned, dark smokey eyed make up with that deep burgundy lipstick. No coin belt or coin attire, but that impressive bangle arrangement sevres her well.

I was glad to see she had the authentic belly dancing belly! She wasn’t some over-toned gym-freak (I love gym freaks though, don’t get it twisted!). All my belly dancing research has helped me to understand the nature and origin of the dance is to celebrate femininity. It is the dance of the womb and a good stomach is the main attraction. Heck, it has been nicknamed, renamed and therefore nownamed Belly Dancing so if that’s not maths, I don’t exist. Not to mention, when done with a good tummy, the belly-roll is mesmerisingly hypnotising and gripping to no end. I found myself hooked on a number of occasions, I had to remember I was filming!

The last dance had a good traditional piece of music to it and the movement seemed to shine just that more brightly as she performed now. I did find this the most aesthetically pleasing and she smiled throughout.

As a performer, Southgate was obviously somewhat versed in doing it well. She worked the room, gliding both sides and pausing for the various cameras held up throughout the room. Not to mention, making good eye contact with members of the audience. I see she also had a fan club/support group in the audience. Fellow belly dancing ladies who were clearly also performers at other venues/times during the Fest as they were in full costume. At first, I thought they may be performing too but it was apparent they weren’t after a few songs – even though I half hoped they would right till the end.

And with that, it was finished. A healthy applause and a standing ovation from some in appreciation and a gleaming smile in thanks from Southgate. So, its her friend filming and listening to my comments eh, ah well I wasn’t rude, lol. I stop my filming at a good interval and pack to take my leave.

Check out the video if you haven’t already. I apologise for the heads in the footage, I had to sit back down as many people were behind me and as I had a seat, I thought it a bit inconsiderate.
For being new and interesting, despite my personal taste I give this performance Four Thumbs Up!


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