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My ArtsFestFirst: Second City Sax and other stories

At the New Street Information Booth played the players that make up Second City Sax. I find a good spot in the ever changing crowd and proceed to record the saga on my digital camera as it is perhaps safer than fiddling with buttons on my notemaking device!

They are already playing by the time I arrive, friend in tow, at a couple mins after their scheduled play time. By the time the second song came around I felt it was time to go. The songs were unrecognisable but sounded beautiful with the four octaves of sax in harmony but, it took a little too long to begin song number three and it was too practical. They play because its a good thing to learn an instrument rather than the fact that they love it. I take this opportunity to take my leave.

The rest of the Fest is calling me to pay attention to it, and I cannot help but explore.

Just a lil way up a solo sax player gives his token at the fest. A man by the name of Andy Gayle whom I knew of before now – if only knowing that he carries his sax everywhere not to mention the fact I questioned his legitimacy at the Fest., I’m just being honest.

Further, I’m drawn by a voice, sounds like Louis Armstrong, but I know its not. The cuban cigar guitar club? I think. The title evades me, even though it is right in front of me, but the music is gritty and lifts the day a bit more.

I continue around the venue and let it happen constantly thinking I should stick to my not-so-original plan for the day so that I have something to write about. All kinds of stalls filled with all kinds of artsy fartsyness and I don’t know where to start. I want to spend time at every one but there’s is certainly not enough day left for that madness!

I’m sidetracked, after a while, by a woman. Clearly she was a dark skinned black woman but had used some form of paint to make a mask over her face, with the mandatory blue eye shadow and red lippy (ps, black woman; the blue eye n red lippy thing rarely looks good!!!). After finishing a brief chat with another stall-tender she approaches me and asks what I think of the look. I ask why she has done that to herself. And so she explains she is doing a play about woman bleaching their skin and a study she has conducted on this. Her stunt today was just to get a wider response from people. I almost immediately offer my help for the show, in November, giving all my details so watch this space for more news on that, if she calls!!!


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