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My ArtsFestFirst: Witchhazel

Ooooooooooo I’m so glad this event is on, its like a very welcome, unexpected, little gem! I love the sounds of the nostalgic so it’ll be a lovely way to close the first evening of a fun packed weekend. A nice little surprise to spurr on the novel excitement.

After obtaining two lovely little notepads from the M&As gift shop, I float into the next item on my list. I can see the ‘band’ warming up (good job!) In a discrete corner. I can here a guitar a violin and what sounds like a banjo. Didn’t the flyer say ‘a Titanic tribute…nostalgic music that they were listening to back then‘ or things to that effect? Anywho, I think nothing of this and continue to secure my seat. A badly chosen seat is the bain of my existence, I sit nicely positioned to be able to take a couple sneaky pics and really appreciate the offering.

There are only three in this four piece. A violin, a guitar and a banjo. Another guitar is placed on the staircase behind – and never referred to again.

Very bubbly tune to begin with, instrumental but not quite what I had in mind when thinking of titanic-esque music. Or maybe it is accurate and I just don’t know my music. I don’t claim to be a connoisseur, but deduction has always worked in my favour. I cannot quite hear Mr Violin which is slightly frustrating, good job I’m in the middle at the front!

Second song, Mr. Guitar breaks into song accompanied by Banjo Lady. Finally a violin solo so I can actually hear it.” Roll on buddy,dnt u roll so slow, how can I roll roll roll when the wheels won’t go..” I like the lyrics though.

Banjo Lady takes the lead with a song I have called Across the great Divide which seemed to be the punchline, and therefore the title. She had a very sweet voice. The kind that is not loud, but always crisp, even if you doubt whether she will make that high note! But she does, easily. Bad Mr latecomer. I understand you wanted to settle in quickly but could you please refrain from nudging me and brushing my attire with the velcro side of your bag! Garsh, I wish he could have been across the great divide that is my personal space!

Pay Me My Money Down is, and I quote (Mr Guitar) ” In no way directed at the Birmingham city council!” teasing a relaxing laughter throughout the audience. Later he attempts to get the audience involved as the words are pretty simple but we do not catch on, and his only warning was over exaggerated facial expressions, the kind that makes one just smile and nod in quiet discomfort. Never mind eh.

Ooo its a fiddle not a violin. Frank dudley, we discover his name here, takes the lead for this one. His heels-a-tappin’ with more purpose now. More intent in dat natural frown his face as he fiddles his lil heart out.

The lady is hazel (does this mean sheez a witch?) A folk song with an alluring melody.. If you knock me again Mr latecomer, my ghetto side is coming out, true story! ..and OMG she has her tongue pierced! You go girl!

We are informed the next item is a train song, what is a train song… They begin to play and.. ahhhh yes I hear what you mean now. Alexanders Ragtime Man is introduced as a song written as an inspiration from the Titanic. Its a nice tune, a good close to a good set.

In honesty, I wanted to leave at song two or three once the novelty of the music wore off. I did’nt have any qualms with the performance, its delivery or anything technically, but I was not expecting the genre by its description I read on the net, so I was somewhat disappointed by having although it was a good set. I couldn’t due to my centre front seat, I should have chosen one less conspicuously, I did not anticipate this factor in my seat choice. The bain of my existence.

I give this performance three thumbs up, and three out of five aint bad.


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