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My ArtsFestFirst: Adjustment Dance.

I chose this event purely for the title and its obscurity. It reminds me of a lecturer I had at uni whose thing was dance theatre. But her use of language when giving us a task brief somewhat changed everytime she repeated herself. And no matter who asked for more details it would remould itself to comply with their understanding, never really taking form. Suffice to say that all those not considered agreeable enough for whatever shallow reason, it became clear when scores came out for that module, just why nothing was made clear-so she could change her answer when we probed for feedback hmph! Anyways, it felt like a constant adjustment to dance theatre, so I guess I’m projecting those memories onto my expectations of this piece.

The first piece opens with the full group positioned in a cluster. A tinman walk forward bursting into their wider space and an odd, but intriguing style emerges as they probe with fluid and jagged shapings all with a rather laxed fluidity.
I like the energy and obscurity of this piece but something is missing. I feel like something is supposed to happen but as the seconds pass by it becomes more and more clear that that something is not coming..
It is as this point that I began to allow myself to acknowledge just how seethrough the ladies’ leggins were. I understand they may not have been a-list professionals but if u do dress rehersals the point is for somebody to be watching to point these things out. Try the more opaque versions ladies, your dignity depends on it!

The second piece begins and just three female members of the collective take the floor. A wicked soundtrack kicks in and I start bobbing around like I’m warming up for a head-banging competition.. O yeah, the performance. This looks promising. After a few flowy introductory movements a keen solo begins whilt the duo take a freeze frame. Methinks somebody took their moment to shine and mostly, she did. You go girl! Erm, they keep making this weird pirrouette ballet movement, I think it’s called the ‘title move’ in the business. Facial expressions-nothing

I am then more drawn to the effort of the dances. Being a theatre boff (well kinda re-boff) I can’t help but put my performance hat on and do what I do best. Rip it to pieces. This piece was under rehearsed, the very movement communicated that the collective was intended for unison (collective always suggests this in performance) and the slack delivery crumbled the image. Staggered bursts of movement did ripple throughout but I assume the lack of a suitable warm up effected the fluidity as well as the special element one tries to create. The facial expressions, as I searched the individual entities, all said nothing even about sixteen different languages. In she second piece the ladies spent their time looking at different levels of the floor and I just wanted, by this point, to scream out and say “come on girls, give us a smile you’re doing great!!!” If only to give a boost that would definately life the ambience.

And then they were finished. When the three flew back to the safety of the bench and whilst we waited for our remaining 18minutes frazzled looks danced throughout the group. And then, the easily exciteable male volunteered the upsetting news. You could feel a wave of disdain descend over the audience as people sheepishly walked around and away.

I am aware that this is a daunting experience. Strangers who are intentionally present to watch you. Some just happened to be there, other there to write their first collection of reviews and all inbetween and beyond. But you are a performer, not a person. It is your talent to translate everything that you wish to within the realms of a performance to create understanding for us. If you do not agree, I assume you are not currently a performer.

Messy choreography and over in twelve minutes. A botch job I’m sorry to say.

I have time to mosey around the Museum and Art Galleries gift shop and can’t decide between two little note books, one with a william morris design on, the other a japanese print of a little bird with a pale blue background., I bought them both! Good times.


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