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My ArtsFestFirst:Wait there.. how much??

So I’m going through to organise my shortlist of events to attend for the coming weekend and suddenly it dawned on me.. Did I just declare online that I would write a piece per sitting..

Well sixteen ain’t all that bad… Right?!
Don’t get me wrong, I am confident I can do this because I love to write. But I am somewhat newborn to the world of blogging and my finishing pieces has lacked in public deadline and therefore, finishing does not always come to pass.. And I have had to stop myself in this medium from rambling on (I know I do a bit, but bare with me), so I’m anticipating turbulance for my ArtsFestFirst.

Oh! Em! Gee! That’s wot I’m gonna call the series, My ArtsFestFirst. (Instantly adds to title layout).

Anyways I need to explain my agenda for the weekend, if only to get my plan of action straight in my head.

Friday 10th
1700-1730: Byron Channer, a saxophonist playing at the 8Mag in the Industrial Gallery
I’ll probably have some din dins and a lil drinky poo for a break here
1830-1900: Jayne Gae presenting Adjustment Dance Theatre at the Museum and Art Gallery’s Round Room
1900-1930: witchazel, again at the 8Mag, performing old nostalgic tunes to end the opening evening of the AF

Saturday 11th
1100-1130: Afrobehn offers Views of Reality to start the day off at the M&A’s Gallery 33
1130-1200: Drum Voice Orchestra, 8Mag
1200-1230: Second City Jazz blows through a mean itinerary in the form of a quartet at ??? O lawd it don’t even know!
nice foody food break with a fruity beverage methinks
1415-1445: Community Vibes’ Body Image Workshop, a comedy based interrogation and exploration to get into the afternoon at the BBC’s Public Space
1530-1630: Afrobehn presents the part2 in the form of a Workshop in the same Public Space
I wanted to go to the Bellydance FUsion offering by Alexis Southall at 1530-1600 in the M&A’s Round Room but such is the sacrifice I must make I guess. I love bellydancing tho…

Sunday 12th
1200-1230: Belly Dance Elements WORKSHOP, hurrah! Totally bringing my coin belt to this beauty at the Public Space
1300-1430: Keiran Graham’s The Power of Music Seminar-can only catch the first thirty if I can be bothered… Because
1400-1430: MDCC Theatre Company performing Our Own Free Will, Gallery 22.
1440-1500: The Young Rep Face The Wall hard hitting drama written by Martin Crimp at The Door
1500-1530: Geoff Stevens in Purple Patch Poetry poems we know, some you don’t at the Flapper Pub
another bite and a sip
1730-1800: Natasha Davis suffers through Asphyxia at The Door
1830-1900: Something and Nothing The Dinner Lady Man, The Door
1900-1930: Cordao de ouro Capoeira Birmingham at the Centenary Square’s dance marquee to end my weekend.

Well its going to be a full weekend, I better get some rest as I also have work in the morning (lucky me) and need to rest these precious fingers!
Wish me luck!

Out into the breech then.


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