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i have a lot of blogging to do!

So, in me new category abt the loveofmelife aka the arts, I will be presenting to you a series of reviews about a few choice events occurring this weekend in Birminghams contribution to the ArtsFest at various locations throughout the city centre.

Upon my initial research, basically the website, http://www.artsfest.org.uk, I realised that there are not only a mass amount of venues around Birmingham to choose from, but also a healthy dose of artsyfartsyness throughout the weekend to watch, and/or do!!!

Yes, I have been to the ArtsFest before, but each time the occasion was something rather stumbled upon; and me in all my imbecility, never got my faculties together in order to really understand everything this collaboration has to offer.

I didn’t know about the vastness of the beast I have wanted to challenge and persue here in the city I love and I know there are countless other Fests I really need to get involved in – I guess I’m kinda finding my feet in finding my feet in my place in the arts.

But that’s ok. I am inspired and recharged and ready to get right back in the thick of it.

So ArtsFest, I am ready for you!

I plan to get a couple careerbuddies together so we can split up and get the nitty gritty on the aspects of the arts that pertain to our skill set and interests, and compare notes later.

I will be dealing with the theatre groups, and jazz/blues music, a little bit of belly dancing and a few surprise options.

Watch. This. Space.


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