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Hello World!!!

hello poeple,

I’m finally getting my blogging head on with some further encouragement from my frends…

I want to have a general divulging of my current feelings is I may…

ok, so I would not consider myself the font of all knowledge but my capacity far exceeds that of many people. Regardless of people I am lost. forced to watch other people get to certain levels when not even attempting put half my effort in.

Put simply, I am fed up. In my head I have ideas, I mean really good ideas. When Iget these ideas i write them down. I do my research and I put everything else in progress and somewhere along the way my progress as far as that idea is concerned will be stunted in further growth because I do not have the means to help them continue. Need I be more specific in saying that it always ALWAYS comes down to money.

In all my intelligence I am baffled constantly at how much money I need to invest in order to make money. I think some rich idiot made up the saying “speculate to accumulate” to take liberties with allt he people who just do nat have the means.

and everytime i invest in a new way to make money i need more, and then more before turnover is established, let alone profit. but I don’t have endless resources so eventually the little money I invest, or speculate, is withered away because there is no more money t speculate with in order to accumulate.

But my ideas… beautiful money generating ideas that I have overloading my mind space all go back on the shelf. Back to forgotteness with only my deepest condolences to show. My frustration with every idea that has stopped me from or woken me out of sleep, vital sleep just to be paid attention to is the lack of justice I do my ideas, and so myself. But I am totally worth it.

I’m totally worth my ideas and the value they will bring, given the right speculation. I think them through completely when they come because I can’t sleep until I do. I research the background and conduct mini surveys to get a feel for how well they would be recieved. I am an inventor of inventions, a builder of businesses and empires and my mind-speculation knows only a fraction of the pending accumulation that will bear fruit from it, but what does all that mean, what is it worth without already being……. rich.

POO YOU, speculation!!! accumulation wait for me, I’m gonna find another way and then start shelling out funds for all others like me, who have the will. I wanna help to give them the way.

until next time


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